MyMedicalBank is primarily designed for the following categories of users:

Doctors and other health care professionals will use the application to capture and access their patients’ health information on demand, undertake clinical audits, and engage in multidisciplinary collaboration with other healthcare professionals from anywhere in the world.

Hospitals will use the application to engage with their patients in scheduling appointments, disseminating important information i.e. how to stay safe during epidemic outbreaks, measure clinical outcomes and manage referrals to other hospitals.

Diagnostic centres will use MyMedicalBank to process requests for medical tests from any location and upload the resulting findings and medical images.

Retail pharmacies will use it to manage patients’ prescriptions.

Health Management Organisations (HMOs) and other health insurance companies will use it to monitor their clients’ uptake of health insurance claims to guard against fraudulent insurance claims.

Individuals (patients, non-patients and their carers) will use MMB to access health records their hospital holds on them, generate personalised health insights from the records and communicate confidentially with their doctor.