At Home Essential Health Checkup by MyMedicalBank Healthcare

When last did you have a health checkup?
Regular health checks can identify undetected health conditions early and prevent sudden death.

Too busy to go to the hospital for a check up?
Have a doctor, nurse or a healthcare professional visit you at home or workplace for your next health check for only N40,000.

1. Blood Pressure
2. Temperature
3. Respiratory Rate
4. Pulse
5. Body Mass Index (BMI)
6. Blood Sugar
7. Cholesterol
8. Urine test for protein & sugar
9. Visual Acuity (eye check)
10. Assessment of medical history & lifestyle habits
11. Health check report with health advisory
12. Clinical follow up via Telemedicine

How it Works
1. Click the 'Sign in to Book' button below and pay
2. An agent confirms the visit details with you
3. A Health professional visits you for the checkup
4. The health checkup report is shared with you
5. A doctor provides you video medical consultation

You can book the health checkup for yourself or a loved one anywhere in Nigeria. for N40,000

Home Medical & Personal Care

Price: ₦40000

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